Our expert team at Parmelee Wrench Co. is dedicated to producing the ideal custom pipe wrench for the needs of all industries.

Here at Parmelee Wrench, we strive to meet the needs of today’s modern energy industry and grow with its evolving technologies. Our wrench, also known as pipe tongs, tubing tongs, friction tongs, friction wrench, and torque wrench, offers a unique and effortless way to turn any pipe, rod or tube in a tight, compact spaces with limited clearance. In addition to providing an immovable grip that naturally adjusts and re-grips with each pull of the ratchet, much like the grip of a human hand, the Parmelee Pipe Wrench has no teeth – making it perfect for use on any type of cylindrical piping, especially highly polished rod or pipe. Superior to the chain wrench, there are no individual pieces of chain to make marks and mar piping. Piston rods used in drilling operations the world over must have a perfect finish which is integral to their operation. No other pipe wrench offers the range or ease of use as the Parmelee Wrench. Its custom fit and grip firmly grasps cylindrical piping, tubes and rods. Manufactured with a scientific heat treatment to fortify and strengthen the steel, Parmelee Wrench is an indispensable tool for mechanics everywhere.

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Each Parmelee Pipe Wrench is engineered based on the specific girth (or girth with liner) requirements needed for the outside diameter of the pipe or rod being worked on in order to ensure a tight 360° grip. A separate girth is necessary for each diameter of pipe, tubing, or rod and cannot be used on diameters other than that for which it was made. Please specify the Outside Diameter of the pipe, tubing, or rod when ordering your Parmelee wrench.

Girths and handles are sold separately. Please see our complete list of standard sizes for each girth and accompanying handle. All wrenches come with a lock bolt, adjusting nuts, and slip pin and replacement parts are available. The handles are available in 4 general categories: the #H1 Light Gauge, #H2 Medium Gauge; #H3 Heavy Gauge and #4 Extra Heavy Gauge, and each handle can be fitted with well over 20+ standard sized girths and custom sizes are also available upon request. Custom sizes includes metric measurements. In addition, custom liners can be welded to the inside of some girths in order to give the wrench a more highly engineered, machined gripping capability compared to the standard polished finish that is found on our stock girths.

Parmelee Wrench will also assemble the handles and girths (upon request) before shipping for a fee of $10.00 per wrench.

Wrenches sold by Parmelee Wrench Co. Inc. are intended to be used only in the form sold by us, without modification, and only for the purposes stated by the company. If any Parmelee wrench is modified in any way at any time from the form sold by us, or used for any purpose other than that which we intend, then Parmelee Wrench Co. and its affiliates will have no liability or responsibility arising from use of the wrench, including, but not limited to, liability or responsibility for damage or loss to property, for personal injury or death, for loss of profits or for other incidental, consequential, direct, indirect, special or punitive damages.