Our size 4 Parmelee Pipe Wrench is unique and manufactured with a cast girth and pipe handle. Learn how to attach and detach the girth with its specially designed threaded bolt and nut feature for maximum strength and mobility.

Warning: Wrenches sold by Parmelee Wrench Co. Inc. are intended to be used only in the form sold by us, without modification, and only for the purposes stated by the company. If any Parmelee wrench is modified in any way at any time from the form sold by us, or used for any purpose other than that which we intend, then Parmelee Wrench Co. and its affiliates will have no liability or responsibility arising from use of the wrench, including, but not limited to, liability or responsibility for damage or loss to property, for personal injury or death, for loss of profits or for other incidental, consequential, direct, indirect, special or punitive damages.